Monday, April 9, 2012

Fairy Tale Matinée: The Three Fat Men (1967)

The Movie Explorer reviews The Three Fat Men, a Soviet kiddie film. Outrageous Communist propaganda disguised as a cutesy story about circus folk and the repair of a child's mechanical doll.

Still pretty crude. I taped this review the same day as the Flesh Feast review and it shows. My delivery improved tenfold in future reviews. Mind you, the Russian names tended to be tongue-twisters for me (Suok's especially, you wouldn't think someone with a four-letter name would present such a difficulty in pronunciation.) This was also filmed the same day my dad was undergoing surgery, so I had THAT on my mind, too.

Please refrain from "In Soviet Russia, ____ ____s YOU!" type comments. If you think you're being clever, you're very, very much mistaken.

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