Thursday, August 18, 2016

SHG: Bobby Day: "Rock-in Robin"

Bobby Day: “Rock-in Robin”
Entered the chart on: 8/4/1958
Peaked on: 10/13/1958
Weeks at #2: 2 weeks
Song at #1: “It’s All in the Game” by Tommy Edwards

It’s funny how many of these songs are evoking strong memories of the last time I went to Mel’s Diner, either the one on Geary or the one on Lombard. Both are very 50s themed, with tons of these tunes on the jukeboxes, and stills from American Graffiti plastered all over the walls. I suppose I’m forever meant to mentally associate Ron Howard and Cindy Williams with this era, in spite of the fact that they were actually children and not teenagers when these songs were popular.

And yes, Joel Whitburn’s tome reliably informs me that this is the correct spelling of this song’s title. I’m looking at the label of the original 45 RPM Class label single over at rateyourmusic, and this confirms it.

Damn, this song is fun! Yes, this is one of those very silly songs like “Tweedlee Dee,” or “Wear My Ring Around Your Neck” for that matter, that is elevated by its performer. I’m rather shocked to learn that Bobby Day is a one-hit wonder, as based on this, he really should have had a hotter career as the man really knows how to sell a song!

Again, like “Wear My Ring Around Your Neck,” the backing vocalists do a lot to help support the lead performer. I’m not going to pretend a song about various species of bird having a rock & roll party is somehow going to change your life, but for three minutes, it’ll make you tap your foot and put a smile on your face.

Plus, how many other rock & roll numbers can you name that feature a piccolo solo?

Rating: 4

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