Saturday, October 29, 2016

SHG: The Newbeats: "Bread and Butter"

The Newbeats: “Bread and Butter” Entered the chart on: 8/22/64 Peaked on: 9/19/64 Weeks at #2: 2 Songs at #1: “The House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals and “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison

This is typical of our luck here at Second Hand Goods. First of all, we must have had half a dozen hits by the Four Seasons parked in the #1 spot in past reviews. Trust us to get one of the cheap imitations to review instead of the real thing! Also, look at those songs in the #1 spot this time! I’d rather be reviewing those! Who wouldn’t?

Well, I always thought this was a New York band. I thought the backing singers had a New York accent, a la the Royal Teens in “Short Shorts” (another song I wish I was listening to instead of this one). On closer examination, their Southern accents (they’re from Nashville) are readily apparent.

It’s the lead vocal that makes this such a chore to listen to. I guess people in 1964 had a stronger tolerance for the shrill. His voice is just so grating. People who complain about the Bee Gees should be strapped down and forced to listen to this until they scream for mercy. I reckon about two times ought to do it.

I wish I could say this has a saving grace but...nope. The lyrics are inane fluff and the song is just the same repetitious four-note vamp throughout. Tiresome.

Rating: 1

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