Thursday, July 7, 2016

SHG: Nat "King" Cole: "A Blossom Fell"

Nat “King” Cole: “A Blossom Fell”
Entered the chart on: 5/7/1955
Peaked on: 6/18/1955
Weeks at #2: 1 week
Song at #1: “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” by Pérez Prado & His Orchestra

What a relief it is not to be writing “Sincerely” in the #1 spot!

What a relief to have an artist who’s not whitewashing a black person’s hit, too! Mind you, Nat was one of those “black singers that it’s acceptable for white folks to like.” But don’t make that mean he’s worth your scorn. I’m familiar with some of his songs (though not this one), and he’s the real deal.

Wow! This is in a different world from everything I’ve heard so far! We’re barely a minute in, and just listening to his delivery of these lyrics almost has me in tears! He’s that good! There’s a nice, tasty trombone solo in the middle eight (Nelson Riddle conducted the orchestra for this baby, and it’s obvious he’s an old pro, too). But this is all about Nat’s voice, which is smooth as silk, gliding over the notes with ease, and oozing sincerity from every pore.

This one goes onto the “listen again” list.

I’m getting misty-eyed again!

Rating: 5

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